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Preservation Solutions Identity and Business Card

I recently completed this project for the lovely ladies of Preservation Solutions. It was a rush job as they needed it for a historical preservation conference in southern California, no rx so I managed to turn design and printing (one color plus spot UV varnish) around for them in just a couple of weeks. And apparently they’ve gotten a great response!



Social Worker Infographic

Just finished this infographic for the fine folks at University of New England:


Car-On–Bike Infographic


Have I mentioned I love infographics? Every time I create one, pills I learn so much!


This flyer was designed for a pool party in a local retro-styled hotel. Fun in the sun!



The Mad Hatter

These are some flyers I designed for hat themed parties. Fun project; fun parties!



All About Boobs Infographic

I love boobs and infographics! This is what happens when I mix them up together.


Happy New Year!

A little late but better late than never, prostate right? Anyway this was our holiday card this year. If you didn’t receive one and you’d like one, buy cialis email us your snail mail address to

Holiday Card

These Siamese!


The new card for These Siamese, tadalafil a DJ duo, try came from the printer. Very pleased with the gold foil stamp quality. It gives a nice upscale but still fun feel.

Letterpress Wedding Invite

This invite is a two color design that was printed at a modern day letterpress print shop. The couple wanted an Art Nouveau feel. The paper was a luxurious antique white, order lightly textured heavy cardstock. We love creating unique and memorable custom wedding invites!

Letterpress Wedding Invite

Victory Garden Manual Covers


Another fun project for the nice folks at VGSD. Got to use the pen and ink skills for this one; always a pleasure to get a little break from the computer!